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Pricing depends on your particular installation requirements.

We can manufacture roof lifters to a maximum height of 950mm, but to do so we'll need some measurements...

Please take some time to take the appropriate measurements for your RV and to identify the type of fixings required.  If you have any difficulty then give us a call for assistance.

We have created a video to assist you in measuring the skirt of your RV. Click here to view it.

We have created a list of vans and style types that suit to assist you. Click here to view it.

Step 1 - Identify the Vehicle

RV Make and Model:
Type of RV:
Roof size (mm long): Roof size (mm wide):
Skirt Material:

Step 2 - Determine Bracket Style

Refer to the image at the bottom of the page...

Bracket Type Top: Bracket Type Bottom:

Step 3 - Measure the Skirt

Provide the measurement between point A and point B in mm (do not include the moulding in the skirt length).
Click on an image for more detail;
Measure from point 'A' (the underside of the flat extrusion) to point 'B' (where the vinyl meets the roof of the van).
For Coromal, check this...

Height of Pop-Top skirt:


Step 4 - Number of Air Bags

Do you require 4 or 6 air bags?


Step 5 - Select Style and Colour



Step 6 - Delivery Details

I would like to:
Each Roof Air Lifter Kit contains custom made air bags with alloy brackets, a 12 volt high volume air compressor, all the quick fit compression airline fittings, tubing, fixing screws, drill bits etc., plus a full set of fitting instructions. 
If you already own a suitable compressor with a flow rate of 70-90 litres/minute and wish to use this then check this box......


Click here for a picture showing the Construction Style 2 below.