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RV Roof Air Lifter Systems manufactures a range of air systems that can lift RV roof automatically, plus one for your bed if that’s an issue. We can also install your unique custom made air lifter system that is designed to negate the physical effort used in raising your roof, thereby reducing the risk of personal injury, increase your travelling comfort and remove the need for you to change your loved RV.

RV Roof Air Lifter Systems is an innovative environmentally friendly technology that attaches a UV resistant vynal material air tube system to your RV using suitable alloy brackets. It was first designed, developed by us at RV Roof Air Lifter Systems along with the subsequent Patents. We are the sole producer and distributor of the product to the RV industry and general public alike. So it’s Australian designed, developed, made and patented.

We have continued to expand throughout Australia and into the UK and Europe. Our ability to design and fit both new and existing RV’s has led to hundreds of happy RV owners continuing their travels without the worry of having to raise the roof at their chosen destination. Life can be made easy with a RV Roof Air Lifter System.

RV Roof Air Lifter System